Keeping in mind that we deal in a very sensitive product (Food Items), we promise to deliver our clientele best quality products without using any artificial Colours or Flavours. The ingredients like Milk, Sugar, Dry Fruits and other Raw materials used in making our products are of best quality and sourced from highly reputed and Quality conscious suppliers. This quality check gives our product a divine taste and a distinct identity to us.

A well equipped, neat and clean kitchen is the integral part of our shop. We strictly follow the modern methods of preparation but do not believe in factory system of mass production. A team of experienced karigars (workers), headed by a Family member have been deputed to keep an eye on the process of manufacturing, so that no stone is left unturned. ‘Quality Product & Hygiene’ is the main mantra of Muni Pendawala.

Since 1912 we are using a system of production where in each and every ingredient is used with accurate weight and proportion. This has helped us to achieve consistency in taste and quality of our products. All sweets are produced in small batches and each and every batch is made with same perfection by using all ingredients in the same quantity. Because of this system followed in the production process we are still able to maintain the same taste and quality that was provided 96 years ago.

Since the inception of Muni Pendawala Creativity and Innovation has been the mantra of our shop, and being in the food industry maximum creativity is possible here. Keeping that thing in mind we allow the Karigars (workers) to use their ideas and imagination to come out with different varieties of sweets. Our belief has gifted us with many popular and mouth watering sweets.

Customized products are a specialty of our store.